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11:21 am on Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
How to use Wide Lines on your journal (latest version)
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To create a style which always provides the latest Wide Lines layout:

1. Log in and go to your styles page.
2. At the bottom of the page under "Create Style" enter "Wide Lines" and click "Create".
3. You will be taken to the Edit Style page. In the drop-down box "Layout" under "Style Layers" scroll down to the bottom of the selections and choose "Other...".
4. A textbox "Layerid" appears beside this drop-down box. Enter 4162751 and click "Change".
The drop-down box "Layout" should now read "Wide Lines (#4162751)". If it does not, repeat steps 3 and 4 to be sure that you entered the correct number into the "Layerid" box, then contact me with a comment here if it continues to fail.
5. Select a theme, if desired, from the drop-down box "Theme" which should have appeared.
6. Leaving all other boxes blank (there should be values in only "Name", "Layout", and optionally "Theme"), click "Save Changes".
7. You will be returned to the Your Styles page. In the list under "Your Styles" there should now be one named "Wide Lines". To use this style, click the "Use" button beside it. You should see this button grey out once it has been clicked.
8. You may now go to your customize page and click "Add customizations" to tweak settings further, if desired. (This page will not show that you are using the Wide Lines style, but it will be the Wide Lines customization wizard which is available.)

If you change to a different layout, you may return to Wide Lines at any time by repeating steps 1, 7, and 8.

This method of applying Wide Lines to your journal will ensure that you always have the latest release of Wide Lines; you will not have to upgrade every time there is a new version. If you would prefer to have the actual code as a layer which you can alter, select a specific version here and follow the instructions to create your own layout layer.

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